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Battle Mountain Band Colony

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Battle Mountain Tribal Council

Lydia Johnson - Chairperson, Florine Maine - Vice Chairperson
Emerson Winap - Member, Eddie Holley - Member, Joseph Holley - Member
Delbert Holley - Member, Rhonda Hicks - Member


The Battle Mountain Reservation is located on the west side of the city limits of the town of Battle Mountain, Nevada. It consists of two separate parcels of land totaling 683.3 acres. The original 677.05-acre reservation was established by Executive Order on June 18, 1917, for Shoshones living near Winnemucca and Battle Mountain. By an Act of Congress on August 21, 1967, an additional 6.25 acres were added to colony lands.


There is a tribal administrative building and a senior citizens' center on the reservation. Electricity is provided by the Sierra Pacific Power Company. And Indian Health Service field medical team and a state public health nurse, with assistance from a community health representative contracted by the tribe, coordinate and conduct routine clinics on the reservations. Medical services are also available at the Lander County Hospital and in the city of Elko. Children attend schools in Battle Mountain.


The Battle Mountain Colony is one of four separate colonies that comprise the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians. The Battle Mountain region was the boundary area between the Newe (the ancestors of the Shoshone) and the Northern Paiutes; it was known to the New as "Tonomudza." Several Newe bands lived in the area, which was a focal point for rabbit and antelope drives. An influx of whites soon claimed the fertile regions along the Humboldt and its tributaries.

The 1870's saw the coming of the Central Pacific Railroad and thus the town of Battle Mountain was founded. After the 1880's the Newe continued to live on the outskirts of the town, and some found work at the ranches.

In 1917, the colony received official recognition for their lands. In the 1930's the Colony began building residential homes and a community development with the purchase and renovation of houses from the Getchell Mine near Winnemucca. In addition, the Community Building was renovated and a playground, park, and picnic grounds were added.


Plans are underway for the construction of a truck stop.


The Battle Mountain Colony tribal governments employs about 20 people.


The Battle Mountain Colony is a member of the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians, with tribal headquarters in Elko, Nevada. The Te-Moak Tribal Council has total jurisdiction over all tribal lands, though, the colonies retain sovereignty over all the other affairs. The Battle Mountain colony has its own tribal council, consisting of a chairman, vice-chairman, and five council members, each serve a three-year term of office. The Colony is organized under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, with its charter ratified on December 12, 1938, and its constitution and by-laws sanctioned on August 26, 1982.


The colony reservation is located near Interstate 80 north and west of Battle Mountain. State Highway 305 is the area's north-south route. Commercial air service is provided in Elko, 60 miles away. Train, bus, and truck service is available in Battle Mountain. Electricity is bough from the Sierra Pacific Power Company. Sewer and water services are provided by the Public Health Service, and telephone service is provided by Nevada Bell. In the early 1970's, with funds from the interstate highway right-of-way leases, about 17 homes were purchased by the colony from the Getchell Mines (no longer operating) and relocated to colony lands. Using other federal program monies, the Te-Moak Housing Authority has assisted tribal members with obtaining additional housing.


The main economic source for the reservation is the smokeshop/convenience store. It employs about six people. A newley formed tribal business, the Battle Mountain Filter Service Company, cleans filters for the nearby mines. It has three full-time employees.


Federal reservation
Te-Maok Tribe of Western
Shoshone Indians
Lander County, NV

Battle Mountain Band Colony
37 Mountain View
Battle Mountain, NV 89820

Phone: (775) 635-2004
Fax: (775) 635-8016

Total Area: 683.3 acres
Tribally owned: 683.3 acres

Total labor force: 145

Total reservation population: 165

Tribal enrollment: 516